Tunnel Greenhouse

Tunnel Greenhouse

Tunnel greenhouses, which have a classical shape, are installed in an oval closure on a longitudinal tunnel structure.

Tunnel Greenhouse
Tunnel Greenhouse

What Is Tunnel  Greenhouse?

Tunnel greenhouses, which have a classical shape, are installed an covered on a longitudinal tunnel structure.
One of the important factors in separating models such as tunnel greenhouse or pole tunnel greenhouse is the height difference. 
In the applications made by Lego Greenhouse, greenhouse types that reach a height of 6.00 m under the gutter are seen in order to gain advantage in the air-conditioning of the greenhouse. Tunnel greenhouses are models that can be established with more economical budgets than other greenhouse models in terms of cost. 

They have a light steel construction structure. Despite their simple structure, they are durable and efficient models. The structure can protect itself in harsh weather conditions by increasing its flexibility with the correct and high quality materials used. 

High Tunnel Greenhouse

The structure and flexibility of tunnel greenhouses, consisting of beams attached to each other, have increased their resistance to adverse weather conditions. In the construction ostructures with a maximum height of 6 meters from the ground and 10 meters in width are seen. Since high greenhouses create a large growing environment, humidity and ventilation can be controlled more easily.

Air conditioning is among the important elements to be considered while carrying out greenhouse activities. The width of the tunnels allows the ventilation conditions to be increased. In this case, the quality of production also increases. 

It is distinguished from other greenhouses by its roof structure that resembles a curved arch. Tunnel greenhouses, which are generally preferred in such areas if there are limited lands, can be installed in single blocks or as adjacent blocks. Their coating can be made with polycarbonate material or plastic film. 

With the choice of polycarbonate and plastic film, an advantage is obtained in air conditioning.
In order to carry out greenhouse activities, it is necessary to choose a greenhouse model in accordance with the type of plant to be grown. 
Tunnel greenhouses are suitable for the cultivation of non-herbaceous plants, animal breeding and storage purposes. The choice of direction is important in the installation of greenhouses. During installation, the forehead of the greenhouse should be positioned on the land facing south or north. 

The sides should be positioned to face west and east. If these positions are not taken care of, the light intake of the plant will be prevented.

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