Traditional Greenhouse

Traditional Greenhouse

Today, soil agricultural greenhouses have an important place in the agricultural sector. In soil agricultural greenhouses, it is possible to grow plants both in growing seasons and in other seasons.

Traditional Greenhouse
Traditional Greenhouse

Traditional Agricultural Greenhouse

Traditional Agricultural Greenhouse is the most widely used greenhouse model in the world due to its economy.

The increase in the world population gives rise to the expectation of an increase in agricultural product activities. The areas suitable for agricultural activities have decreased. Lack of information about agricultural production causes deterioration in the quality of agricultural products.

For this reason, there has been an increase in the preference of greenhouse cultivation in agriculture. Today, soil agricultural greenhouses have an important place in the agricultural sector. In soil agricultural greenhouses, it is possible to grow plants both in growing seasons and in other seasons. Time limitation in production is eliminated and production can be provided in every month of the year. 

Traditional Agricultural Greenhouse M2 Cost

One of the most preferred investments in our country according to soil fertility and low m2 cost is soily agricultural greenhouses. According to the product you will grow, the equipment that should be in your greenhouse is packed in our facilities and delivered to you. In the package greenhouse; greenhouse steel construction and coating are including. You can have the equipment you buy installed by the teams you determine or we will direct you to the installer. The cost of the packaged soily agricultural greenhouse is in the range of 12-20 USD per m2. You can change the cost vary by removing and adding the options you want.

Which Products Are Grown In Traditional Agricultural Greenhouses?

For production; ideal temperature, seasonal conditions must be provided, and production must be continued in autumn and winter.

Vegetables, fruit types, flowers and indoor plants are grown in greenhouses with soil. Greenhouses were first used in the Mediterranean region throughout Europe. It has become preferred in the cultivation of agricultural products in the world with its fruit and vegetable cultivation and seed production.

For greenhouse activities, first of all, it is necessary to establish a steel construction structure suitable for the terrain conditions and the climatic structure of that region. Covering and interior parts of the greenhouse should be selected according to environmental factors. Considering the regional temperature differences, ventilation systems should be emphasized. Otherwise, there will be losses in aquaculture in situations such as excessive humidity, high and low temperatures, which will adversely affect production.

How To Determine The Properties Of Traditional Agricultural Greenhouses?

Lego Greenhouse Company analyzes the climatic conditions of the region using its regional experience with over the years. Afterwards, it produces the desired greenhouse according to the technical characteristics of the plant to be grown. In the growth phases of the plants, their transverse and longitudinal development is another consideration in the setup of the greenhouse. Project planning, which is important for the continuity of production, should be completed in a way that is suitable for both summer and winter months. Irrigation conditions are also one of the important details for the greenhouse model to be implemented. The necessary automation irrigation system is included in the project for the most accurate irrigation to reach the plant. The greenhouse should be equipped with ventilation, humidification, irrigation, fertilization, heating and cooling systems integrated with the climate control system. It is important that all these systems work regularly so that the grower maintains order during production. In this way, less mistakes are encountered during cultivation, as it will follow up its production more reliably and regularly. 

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