Greenhouse Steel Construction

Greenhouse Steel Construction

In steel construction structures, it is essential to achieve high strength with the lightest material.

Greenhouse Steel Construction
Greenhouse Steel Construction

Greenhouse steel construction differs from other steel structures. In modern greenhouses, projecting is carried out by considering climatic conditions such as wind, snow, rain and storms. That is why the bolted joining system is used. It is calculated how to ensure strength even in the worst climatic conditions.

 Pre-galvanized pipes and profiles are used throughout the greenhouse against corrosion and rust formation. It is galvanized in the bolts used. In addition, dismantling is prevented by using a fiber nut to prevent it from being affected by the vibration in the greenhouse construction.

In steel construction structures, it is essential to achieve high strength with the lightest material. In these structures, the carrier systems that ensure the safety of the structure are made of steel and connected to each other in a way that protects the static. 

These structures are preferred first, especially in areas where there is a risk of earthquakes. Steel construction structures have a fully convertible material feature. They are in accordance with the principle of protection of sustainable environmental values, which is the most important of modern architecture. 

Partation columns and load-bearing walls are not needed in structures with steel construction. With steel construction structures, solutions are found for space needs at maximum width and height. 

Structures with steel construction systems provide ease of installation in a short time. It is given importance that the work is designed with pre-production engineering in the most reliable way. The structure, which is designed with special software in the computer environment, is produced with complete and error-free details.

 With the perfect production of the project, the assembly process is planned in detail, together with its three-dimensional drawing. Thus, even the most complex-looking steel construction structures are easily completed during on-site assembly.

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