Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse

In hydroponic greenhouses, the control is in the grower. The grower, using soilless agriculture tomato greenhouses, can control all environmental factors and ensure that tomatoes are grown in the most favorable environment.

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse
Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse

Growing Tomatoes Hydroponically in Greenhouses   

In the cultivation of tomato plants grown in hot and temperate climatic regions, the decrease of climatic conditions to minus degrees may adversely affect its production. Keeping the climate in the greenhouse under control and ensuring its continuity is provided by greenhouse cultivation. 

Increasing demands and developing agricultural technologies have contributed to the emergence of soilless tomato greenhouses. Tomato, which is the most produced vegetable in soilless agriculture, can be produced for 10 months of the year with soilless agriculture. In hydroponic greenhouses, systems are prepared at a height of 50-60 cm from the ground and a temperature system is established where the ambient temperature will not fall below 11-12 °C throughout the year. 

It is a production system in which salt level and ph values ​​of tomatoes are made in a controlled manner with an adjustable automatic fertilization system. Tomato, which has a high water holding capacity, should be grown in soil conditions with low soil salinity and pH values ​​in the range of 5.5-7.0. Soil production can be affected by factors such as pH, salinity, diseases or insufficient drainage that will negatively affect growth. 

It is possible to prevent these situations in hydroponic greenhouses. Natural nutrients required for growing plants in hydroponic agriculture are provided by prepared special alloys and minerals in water. 
If nutrient deficiency is noticed during the growth phase of the tomato plant grown in a hydroponic greenhouse, this problem is solved by intervening in the content of the alloys. 

In hydroponic greenhouses, the control is in the grower. The grower, using soilless agriculture tomato greenhouses, can control all environmental factors and ensure that tomatoes are grown in the most favorable environment. 

The Importance Of Direction In The Installation Of Greenhouses

The choice of direction is important in the installation of greenhouses. During installation, the forehead of the greenhouse should be positioned on the land facing south or north. The sides should be positioned to face west and east. If these positions are not taken care of, the light intake of the plant will be prevented. In greenhouses built for soilless agriculture, it is essential to increase the yield to be obtained from the unit area. 

In order to increase the yield, the plants are positioned with hooks and hanging wire at a certain height from the ground and in a certain order and order to shelter the tomato seedlings. During cultivation, the gutter will begin to curl and warp with the increased weight of the tomatoes and increased weight due to irrigation. 

In order not to be adversely affected by this situation, the sheet thickness of the Gutter system should be at least 0.6 mm thick. The ground covers to be used in the greenhouse prevent the living creatures that can enter the greenhouse from damaging the greenhouse. In this, covers with material properties that will reflect the sun's rays are generally used.

Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse Cost

When making a greenhouse of tomatoes without soil, a good feasibility study should be prepared. Within this feasibility; Many factors such as environmental factors, distance to the market, personnel supply to work, personnel training should be taken into consideration. After calculating the return period of your investment, the investment should be decided.

The cost of construction and coating of 1 acre of hydroponic tomato greenhouse is on average in the range of 33,000 UD - 38,000 USD. In addition, heating, cooling, fertilization, fogging, irrigation and automation costs will also occur. For all of these, you can get information by contacting the sales representatives of our company.

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