Galvanized Profile

Galvanized Profile

Galvanized profiles are used more than anti-rust profiles due to their longevity. Galvanized profiles are produced from galvanized sheet metal or by dipping method of black profiles.

Galvanized Profile
Galvanized Profile

Galvanized Box Profile Prices

Galvanized is a method applied as a corroborate for the resistance of metals in all weather conditions, prolonging their bench life and preventing corrosion. Galvanized profiles are used more than anti-rust profiles due to their longevity. 
Galvanized profiles are produced from galvanized sheet metal or by dipping method of black profiles. 
However, for the selection of higher quality products, products made of galvanized sheet metal or produced as hot dipped should be selected. This coating process extends the bench life of the metal. By cutting the air contact, the corrosion problem of the metal is prevented.

Galvanized box profile prices are given in tons and meters. If you are going to get a price in tons, you must request a minimum of 20 tons. In addition, the type of products you will order must be the same. 

There is no limitation on the prices of galvanized box profiles required in meters. You can ask for prices for as many materials as you want in the sizes you want.

What is Galvanized Steel and How is it Used?

 Galvanized steel profiles are obtained by applying the galvanizing method to standard profiles. For the galvanized profile, first of all, it is necessary to know what the galvanizing process is. 
The purpose of the galvanizing process is generally to prevent corrosion. The method generally used for the galvanizing process is the galvanizing process is completed by hot dipping the profiles in a zinc bath. Galvanized profile generally has similar features with standard profile products. 

However, galvanized profiles provide many different advantages. Galvanized profiles are products that are frequently used in machinery manufacturing and construction structures. Since it is a material with high paint adherence, it is also preferred indoors or outdoors. 

The fact that these products are resistant to moisture and not slippery in case of wetness makes their use in the construction sector prominent. In the agricultural industry, the use of galvanized profiles in greenhouse construction is very common. 

  • Galvanized box profile is galvanized quality in DX51 standards.
  • Galvanized coating thickness can be made between 80 and 270 microns.
  • By applying a special resin on the galvanized box profile, it can be used for many years and in aqueous environments.

Special Metered Galvanized Steel Profile

Galvanized steel profiles are produced in various sizes and prepared in accordance with the use of the user. Galvanized profiles are mostly used to increase the resistance and durability of constructions. Galvanized profile weights may differ according to the design of the desired product. 

Galvanized box profiles are products that are produced in raw form or with anti-rust. Apart from this, there can be box profiles produced as welded from galvanized sheet.

Dimensions0.8 MM0.9 MM1MM1.2 MM1.5 MM1.8 MM2 MM2.5 MM3 MM
30×40   xxxxxx
35×35   xxxxxx
25×50   xxxxxx
30×50   xxxxxx
40×40   xxxxxx
40×60   xxxxxx
50×50   xxxxxx
40×80   xxxxxx
60×60   xxxxxx
40×100    xxxxx
60×80    xxxxx
70×70    xxxxx
60×100    xxxxx
80×80     xxxx

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