Seedling Greenhouses

Seedling Greenhouses

Seedlings are grown in greenhouses, seedbeds, pots or tubes. The first step of production in greenhouse cultivation is to produce healthy seedlings. Both its quality and timing should be well adjusted.

Seedling Greenhouses
Seedling Greenhouses

Seedling Growing In Four Seasons

Seedling is the most important need in fruit and vegetable growing. Seedlings are required both for open agriculture in summer and for greenhouse cultivation in winter. Therefore, seedling production should be planned and meticulously done. Seedles are growing in seedbeds, pots or tubes. 

The first important part of production is in greenhouse cultivation is to produce healthy seedlings. Both its quality and timing should be well adjusted. It should be grown in parallel with fruit and vegetable cultivation so that production should not be interrupted. 
This situation is necessary in order to maintain the desired quality of agricultural activities. Knowing the importance of seedling cultivation,

 Lego Greenhouse completes its projects meticulously with its experienced staff. With high-quality greenhouse installations and timely productions, you can achieve the desired efficiency in your fruit and vegetable cultivation. Control of the production of seedlings is provided with the seed germination and vaccination rooms in the seedling growing greenhouses. 

The solution of the factors affecting the production is found and the necessary methods are developed according to the needs and applied. Lego Greenhouse completes the design and manufacture of seedling greenhouses in accordance with the regional climatic conditions of the countries. 

Long-lasting and high-quality materials are used in all areas of the greenhouse, such as ventilation, systems, installations, which are necessary for seedling production in greenhouses. One of the important parts of the seedling production greenhouses is the germination room. 
The materials used in the systems established to provide the ideal temperature, nutrient and water needs for germination are important and quality seedlings are obtained at the end of this installation.

Greenhouse For Seedlings

 We complete the seedling production greenhouses by concluding all the details that may be needed during the projecting, assembly and seedling production of the seedling production by combining our experienced team and our experience for the seedling production facilities, which is one of the most sensitive structures in greenhouse cultivation. 
During the seedling production, it is important that the irrigation water is of high quality and easily available. 

Since water will be used for temperature control and humidification during irrigation, the amount of water should be controlled. In greenhouses for seedlings, nutrient-rich, humus, loamy soils with high water-holding ability should be preferred.The choice of direction is important in the installation of greenhouses. During installation, the forehead of the greenhouse should be positioned on the land facing south or north.

 The sides should be positioned to face west and east. If these positions are not taken care of, the light intake of the plant will be prevented.    


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