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Controlled and Sustainable Production in Greenhouses

Controlled environmental agriculture (CEA); It aims to increase plant quality and production efficiency by combining engineering, plant science and greenhouse control technologies with computer control.

These technologies enable sustainable agricultural practices by consuming less electricity and water, feeding the ever-growing population without violating the soil.

The horticultural industry strives to match the long-term growth potential of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) by opting for quality greenhouse structures and quality equipment in cultivator operations for environmental controls.


Construction Design

With controlled environment agriculture, growers will have a closed structure where natural conditions of the ideal climate are provided for the product they grow. As the climatic conditions of the region where the building is located are important, it is also important to provide the necessary air circulation for the growth and growth of the plant to be grown.

As Lego Greenhouse, all elements are meticulously maintained in greenhouse projects. Greenhouse structures are structures that can vary from large-scale greenhouses supporting automation systems to be established in the future to low-budget greenhouses in modular designs that can also be cost-effective.

Environmental Control Technology

If it is desired to grow high quality products continuously in a commercial greenhouse, keeping the environmental factors under control and managing them according to the desired conditions is an important element. For this reason, today's greenhouse growers prefer control systems integrated with environmental conditions, where they can control all these environmental factors.

With these integrated systems, the grower both increases the productivity in production and reduces the negative effects of environmental factors encountered during production by ensuring that the crop is grown in a smooth environment without the need to constantly monitor the production.


Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is essential to maintain the growing environment and increase overall greenhouse efficiency. Proper ventilation system will positively affect temperature, humidity and co2 management.

An inefficient ventilation system may adversely affect the development of plants, and may cause diseases that may occur in plants in the greenhouse. Lego Greenhouse provides a perfect air flow for the grower by completing the design of the necessary ventilation system after the analyzes they make according to the regional climatic conditions with its experience and experienced team of more than 20 years.


Greenhouse Insect Sieves

Insect sieves prevent unwanted pests that may enter the greenhouse from the outside. The positioning of greenhouse insect screens, which can be applied in traditional and new greenhouses, must be done appropriately to ensure air flow. It can be applied to roof vents, gutter holes, ridge holes, providing ease of installation to the grower.


Heating Systems

Plants need water, sunlight and fertile soil to grow. Maintaining the ideal temperature plays an important role in every stage of growing plants. In this, they should always be installed in a controllable system. It should not disturb the continuity of production, which can be intervened according to the regional climatic conditions.

Greenhouse Curtain Systems

Greenhouse curtains improve the greenhouse environment by shading, saving energy and reducing light. With the benefits it provides, it has an important effect on increasing the productivity by increasing the sustainability in greenhouse cultivation. Once the greenhouse curtain system is installed, growers can automatically open and close the curtains to achieve the desired light levels, add blackout screens for daylight control and additional energy savings, and set up the curtain system according to the needs of the production.


Greenhouse Lighting

One of the important parts of the environmental agriculture setup is lighting. Energy costs are important costs for manufacturers. For this, Lego Greenhouse determines the lighting selection required for production in the most economical way, allowing the manufacturer to produce in a comfortable and low-cost environment.

Greenhouse Fan

Fans used in greenhouses have been an important part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program by improving air flow, reducing and controlling ambient humidity. It prevents the grown plants from getting sick and the formation of harmful pests.

Greenhouse Dehumidifier

In a greenhouse with suitable heating systems and ventilation systems, especially in a growing environment with regular temperature changes, dehumidifiers may be needed to keep the nevi level in balance.

Ideal for the cultivation of various products from fruits and vegetables to flowers, dehumidifiers work by taking the moist air and condensing it, and then returning the dry air to the greenhouse in a proper circulation.