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How much does a greenhouse cost?

In this article we have prepared for investors and growers who want to invest in the greenhouse sector, "How much does a greenhouse cost?" . We will answer the question.Today, investments in the greenhouse sector, which has a significant potential in terms of yield, are increasing day by day. In this article we have prepared for investors and growers who want to invest in the greenhouse sector, you will get information about the costs of greenhouse installation and operation cost. At the end of our article, you will have learned the elements to be considered for the greenhouse model you want to have.

How much does a greenhouse cost?

For greenhouse activities, which is a preferable method for plant cultivation in many countries in the world, first of all, the capital budget should be specified.

It is necessary to decide how many acres of greenhouses are desired together with the capital.

Whether the land you are considering for your greenhouse is to be leased or purchased should be decided after examining the feasibility reports and determining how many years it will pay off.

Greenhouse Film Cost

Another expens is greenhouse film for greenhouses. For 36 months long life greenhouse films kg prices between 85 – 95 TL . With 1 kg greenhouse, you can cover 5 m2 space of greenhouse Using greenhouse film instead of polycarbonate for side of greenhouse is more economical way. But polycarbonate can be use for 10 years. If you want your greenhouse instalation cost is low, you can use greenhouse films.You will not experience any harvest loss compared to polycarbonate in cultivation.
If you want to use polycarbonate for side of greenhouse prices between 5 – 6 euro.

How much does a greenhouse cost? Many of those who do their research are investigating the costs of greenhouse nylon. Because greenhouse nylon is changed every 3 years, so it is included in fixed costs.

Greenhouse Steel Construction Cost

Greenhouse Steel construction m2 prices, for hydroponic agricultural is between 20-30 usd,  soily agricultural greenhouse  prices between 15-25 usd. Costs will be decrease when your greenhouse size is big.

General Conditions Affecting Greenhouse Costs

Installation costs in greenhouse manufacturing vary depending on many factors and variables. The land conditions, climatic conditions of the region where the greenhouse will be established and the needs of the plant to be grown in the growth process are important among these costs.

For example, the construction cost of a greenhouse you will set up in Erzurum region and a greenhouse you will set up in Antalya region will not be the same. You need to do a static study by calculating the snow load in Erzurum.

The Best Land to Choose for the Greenhouse to be Established

When choosing the land where the greenhouse will be built, it is desirable that the land soil be in the soil structure where various productions will be made without restrictions in terms of plant cultivation. Loamy soils rich in nutrients and good water retention are preferred for greenhouse soils. Apart from these, it should be preferred that the land be soils that do not have drainage and stony problems. Lands where inputs such as labor and water quality, electricity and transportation are available, where the distance to the markets where the products will be sold are reasonable, and where climate conditions allow quality production are the most productive places for greenhouses.

If the question in this situation is "How much does a greenhouse cost?" If so, you are at the right address.

Region Selection According to Climatic Conditions

The fact that the sun can be used effectively throughout the year for a greenhouse is the most important factor in the selection of the region where the land will be located. Other factors are soil temperature, little wind and less precipitation.

Greenhouse production is not recommended in regions with unsuitable climatic conditions that require investment in high-priced climate control equipment. Extremely high and low temperatures can damage plants during cultivation.

The Importance of Drainage and Irrigation

Drainage should be done well in areas with high rainfall. Otherwise, the crop may be wasted during periods of heavy rainfall. Greenhouse construction should be avoided in areas with high water table.

Adequate and high quality irrigation is a basic requirement for growing high value-added products. In the region where the greenhouse will be installed, the quality and adequacy of the water must be evaluated before its construction.

How Much Does How much does a greenhouse cost? We hope we were able to answer your question.

Ready Made Greenhouse Prices

The concept that our customers describe as “ready-made greenhouse” finds its counterpart in the greenhouse sector as “package greenhouse”. If you want all the materials of the greenhouse you will build reach you, you can request it from the greenhouse companies as a package greenhouse. 

The installation of the package greenhouse should be done by you or an installation team that you will agree with. Ready greenhouses can be prepared in the dimensions you want. The package contains all your necessities such as greenhouse clamps, bolts and nuts that you need.

Ready-made greenhouse prices vary according to the product to be grown in it. Strawberry greenhouse growing equipment and tomato greenhouse growing equipment are different from each other in terms of price and content. You can click on the link to get prices and review the products.

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