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Benefits of automatic control systems in a commercial greenhouse

Todays, automotion systems are helps to grower rises to efficiency and quality about the producing , choosen with the half automotion systems and full automotion systems models. 

In the commercial greenhouses, there are envairenment factors which are affected manufacturing negatively, they can be control with automation systems. 


Automation systems are protect ideal environmental conditions

Such an heat, humidty, air conditioning and light levels enviorement factors, in the greenhouse growing are the factors to consider.

Automation systems provide a controlled and comfortable production environment by reducing the difficulties faced by the manufacturer during production. At the greenhouse with the automotion systems reduce the workload of the grower by being integrated into every step of production, without the need for continuous monitoring of production.


Production with low energy budget

One of the important benefits that automation systems provide to the manufacturer is the low energy use required in general production. The capital required for the installation of an integrated automatic system pays for itself with the savings it provides.

Automation systems, which can be in many models with the developing technology, allow the use of low and high budget growers. Inefficiently used energy leaves many producers in financial difficulties. In this case, the automation systems to be used increase the productivity of the manufacturer and protect its budget.

Precaution against harsh climatic conditions

In regions where the climatic conditions are difficult and inconsistent, an integrated automation system that keeps the environmental conditions in balance comes to the aid of the growers.

In a colder or warmer season than usual, the producer must continue production. In such abnormal seasonal conditions, if the production is controlled by the manufacturer, the continuity of production can be ensured. With automation systems, the producer can control the temperature of the growing area up to the humidity and even the light it receives.

With the integrated systems they use, they can easily control the environment and reduce production risks to almost zero. Regardless of the seasonal conditions, the grower minimizes the loss in production with his quick interventions and increases the productivity in production.

Greenhouse automation systems according to needs

Automations used in greenhouse cultivation can be developed according to your preferences and budget. In automation systems, there are many options from simple systems to complex systems and fully integrated.

A grower with a smaller growing capacity may want to automate only a few main systems for use in his greenhouse to ensure consistency in production and reduce labor costs. The more comfortable the system is used, the easier it is to solve the problems that may be encountered. For example; Mechanical timers in the control system can be replaced with thermostatic and soil sensors controls that provide feedback to adjust crops needs.

Automation systems, which help to minimize the difficulties of managing and maintaining an ideal growing environment, need to be checked and maintained regularly during their use. It is important to note and check and compare previous trends for parameters that need to be adjusted for the current season. Maintenance periods should be followed for the continuity of the efficiency and low energy use in production.